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This is probably the nearest to a standard translation of the Koran, by Marmaduke Pickthall.

This is the most incendiary translation, the Hilali-Khan, widely disseminated throughout the West courtesy of all those Saudi funded mosques.

The Koran at a Glance puts the suras in chronological order and provides a striking visual illustration of how Mohammed changed from prophet in Mecca to warlord in Medina.

This is the Skeptic’s Annotated Koran which highlights examples of various themes in the Koran such as cruelty, absurdity, sex etc.

This site enables you to search the Koran (Shakir translation).

This site enables you to compare 10 translations.

This gives a word for word literal version and 50 translations.

This is the full Life of Muhammed, Alfred Guillaume’s translation of the Sirat Rasul Allah.
If you haven’t got the time, here is an abridged version by Michael Edwardes.
If you haven’t even got time for that, here is a sampling.

This provides (I think) as many of the hadiths as it’s possible to get on the internet.

The Reliance of the Traveller is an authoritative manual of Islamic law affording a rare glimpse into the full horror and lunacy of orthodox Islam. Sections O.8 (apostasy), O.9 (jihad), O.10 (the spoils of war) and O.11 (the dhimma) are eye openers. It appears and disappears from the internet due to copy right issues (perhaps the Muslim copyright holders have realised what ammunition it provides for counter-jihadists) so this version may no longer exist by the time you click on it.

WikiIslam is a non-polemical Islam critical site run by ex-Muslims and a mine of information.

The indefatigable Robert Spencer, the man too dangerous to allow into Britain unlike various Saudi hate-preachers and the Muslim Brotherhood, keeps track of the global jihad and our politicians’, journalists’, academics’ and churchmen’s denial of the obvious.

Pat Condell eloquently says out loud what most of us dare not.

Where is the British equivalent of the Australian Q Society (one of whose leading members is a Christian theologian)?

Worth a look as an example of what we’re up against. Sociologist Craig Considine relies on the almost certainly fake Covenants of Mohammed to produce a fantasy Islam. And he is allowed access to impressionable students!


The standard introduction by Ibn Warraq explaining why Islam is not a good thing.

Wafa Sultan, the woman who scandalized the Arab world by telling an Imam to shut up on Al Jazeera, gives an impassioned depiction of the poisonous attitudes she escaped from in her native Syria only to find them following her to America.

Robert Spencer dismantles much of the wishful thinking about Islam.

IMHO Michael Gove starts from the wrong place with the assumption that Islamism is something different to Islam, nevertheless it’s a cracking read with insights into the counter-intuitive connection between the left and Islam, and much more. And you can buy a copy for a penny.

Peter Townsend examines Mohammed’s claim to be “a beautiful pattern of conduct” (he wasn’t!) and exposes the many absurdities to be found in Islam such as Allah not being able to master fractions (see Koran 4:11-12).

Karen Armstrong’s hagiography of Mohammed is another example of what we are up against. Those wishing to hear that Islam is just another religion much like Christianity love it. This is what historians think of her parallel attempts to paint tolerant Muslims as victims of unprovoked Crusader aggression.

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