“Who are you?”

I am an Englishman who is concerned about the future of Britain, and Europe generally. Beyond that it doesn’t matter does it?

“Why don’t you jump in the lake you right wing, racist Islamophobe?”

Ah yes, the three great idiocies used to shut us up.

Firstly, I am not remotely right wing, nor is it necessary to be at all on the right to be concerned about a religion which instructs its followers to convert or subjugate everyone else (see “Who says Islam is supremacist?”). As it happens, I used to think of myself as a liberal until the liberal establishment betrayed its values by providing cover for the most illiberal of religious ideologies (see “The Guardian doing the right thing – eventually”).

Secondly, only a very confused person would conflate race with religion. One is a biological given, or a social construct based on biological givens if you prefer. The other is a thought system which people choose or, more likely, have chosen for them before an age at which they can evaluate it. To look at it in another way, which do you imagine I have a problem with, Samantha Lewthwaite the “white widow” or Michael Nazir-Ali the Pakistan born Bishop of Rochester who received death threats when he suggested that some communities have become no go areas for non-Muslims? Here’s a clue, it’s not the Bishop.

Thirdly, Islamophobia, the scourge of the Western world, defined by someone as “the irrational fear of having your head cut off”, the absurd yet amazingly effective tool for closing down debate – so far. IMHO If you use this term you are either duped or attempting to dupe (see “30 things I can’t help noticing about Islam”).

“Why do you hate Muslims?”

I don’t hate Muslims. But I do pity them because they are slaves – slaves of Allah – and I am a free man.

It seems to me that the hate comes all from the other side, from a god who intends to torture me forever and who tells his believers that they are “the best of peoples” while I am the “worst of creatures”.

“What about Islam?”

Islam is a cruel, domineering, totalitarian ideology dressed up as a religion, a hangover from a more barbaric time. Any organisation that kills you for leaving it should have no place in the modern world.

If you want to learn about the reality of Islam there is no point going to your local smiley Imam. Try someone with experience of Islam when it has the opportunity to express itself fully; someone like Father Yoannis Lahzi Gaido, a Coptic Catholic Christian and new secretary to Pope Francis. Here he talks of the “difficulties under which Christians must live in places with a Muslim majority. These difficulties are not caused by a few Islamists, but by a culture of death and violence that is based on very clear verses [of their scripture] that they quote, calling for violence and jihad, saying they should murder all who are different and killing [those who express] freedom of conscience. Just to think differently is enough to be sentenced to death. “

For further details:


“Why have you got it in for the Guardian?”

No fury like a liberal let down by his chums…

And what of our future?

Three statistics for you:

Muslims comprise 5% of the population in Britain.
Muslims comprise 10% of the population under 5 years old.
There are more British Muslims fighting against Britain for IS than are fighting for her in the Armed Forces.

Get my drift?



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