Just too easy….


Here is an exchange spotted in a recent internet discussion about Islam (with only minor amendments for the sake of making a point):

Dawah Man:
In Islam, there’s a story of Prophet Muhammad who was regularly abused by a lady. She dumped garbage on him when he passed in front of her house. One day when the prophet didn’t see the lady, he went inside to inquire and found that she was ill.

The story is an example of how Muslims should react when someone criticizes and makes fun of the Prophet. The Prophet himself didn’t get angry when abuses were hurled at him, so why should Muslims?

Evil Phobe (+1hr):
Here are some examples of when Mohammed was rather less tolerant of criticism. Have you come across them?

Dawah Man (+1hr):
That is a link from a website which only publishes polemic against Islam. I’m not an expert in Islam but many of these incidents have been disputed by several scholars on Islam. But of course, you are free to believe whatever side of the argument you want to believe.

Evil Phobe (+1hr):
WikiIslam scrupulously provide authentic references from Hadith collections etc, like this one for instance regarding the murder of Ka’b ibn-al-Ahraf.

On the other hand whenever someone points out something unpleasant in the Hadiths, such as Aisha’s age when Mohammed consummated his marriage to her, we are routinely told that “scholars dispute this”.

Dawah Man (+1hr):
Bukhari and Muslim are not entirely accurate. In fact, the Shia sect has their own Hadith collection. They don’t even consider Bukhari and Muslim as a reliable source of Hadiths. But as I said, you are free to believe whatever you want.

Evil Phobe (+1hr):
Bukhari and Muslim are considered the most authoritative of the Hadith collections (for Sunnis). They are regarded as reliable because they underwent a rigorous vetting process, establishing a solid chain of transmission for each Hadith. I think I’ll go with them.

Dawah Man (+1hr):
If you would really like to know the facts, I would recommend Jonathan Brown’s book ‘Misquoting Muhammad’. Or you may carry on reading only those sources which reinforce your point of view. Your wish.

Evil Phobe (+1hr):
Another routine ploy of Islamic apologists, when challenged, is to refer to some book which the challenger will never read and which they themselves have never read either, otherwise they would be able to quote the relevant passage. Nevertheless I will look into it.

Evil Phobe (+1day):
Having looked through the index of “Misquoting Muhammed” on Amazon I see specific sections on Hadiths regarding Aisha, infanticide, incest and the 72 virgins but nothing about assassinations of critics. Moreover, I find that Brown is on the payroll of a Saudi prince so I don’t think I’ll be going to him for an impartial view.

But if you can explain to me why your unreferenced story about Mohammed is true while the whole slew of references provided by WikiIslam are untrue, or can point me to a link which will do so, then I will be more than interested.

Pollyanna (+5days):
That’s a beautiful story Dawah Man. Muhammed must have been a lovely man.

Evil Phobe (+1hr):


One thought on “Just too easy….

  1. Fred

    I know the kind. Just asking to be lied to and the iternet is full of “Dawah Men” happy to oblige.


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