Nice People


First there was the EDL. They suffered from a bad press, partly brought on by themselves and partly due to misrepresentation in the media. They were easily demonized because everyone knows that white working class men are fascists and don’t drink latte. In a recent letter to imams around Britain, pleading for just a little help in persuading their followers to be nice, Eric Pickles the government communities secretary referred to “the vitriol spread by the thugs of the EDL”. This is pretty rich considering the EDL have consistently been out-thugged by the government’s own outsourced Trotskyite bully boys of the UAF, an organisation of which David Cameron is a patron.

Then came PEGIDA. The German anti-Islamisation movement spread out into the middle classes, attracting more marchers than could credibly be dismissed as Far-Right. They looked just like us – no tattoos, no shaven heads – but still the knee jerk reaction from government and the media was “Pin striped Nazis”.

What can we do? Well, more of the same, much more. We need the silent masses of Middle England to come out on the streets, those who know that Islamic values are not and never can be British values but are too polite to make a fuss about it. Somehow we have to overcome our diffidence and let our leaders know that we do not approve of their having imported a “Fifth Column” which loathes us and everything we stand for.

That’s why the next movement must be NNTMCPJLYAI, “Nice, Non-Threatening, Middle Class People Just Like You, Against Islam”.

Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful. We’ll have to work on that but you get the idea.

Imagine it, thousands of people just like your mum and dad out on the streets with placards bearing messages like “No more Muslims, if that’s alright with you”.

They would be chanting “We’re nice but we still don’t like Islam” and “Islam, why do you have to be so unpleasant?”

For men leather patches on elbows would be encouraged but not obligatory; for women anything from Marks and Spencer. Green wellies would probably be the footwear of choice.

There would likely be a W.I. Division (for foreign readers the Womens’ Institute is a venerable organisation known for jam making and singing “Jerusalem”, and lately for producing calenders of naked middle aged women). Perhaps there would even be a Guardian Readers Division – you only have to look at their comments columns to see how far the Guardian has drifted away from a sizeable chunk of its readership.

Could they be so easily demonized by the media and government? Would the pimply class warriors of the UAF throw bottles of piss at them over police lines at the risk of a good telling off from their grandmothers, and would the police continue to let them? Perhaps not. Would our leaders listen? With luck, if they saw their majorities slipping away.

Who or what is going to bring this organisation, or one like it, into being? Fortunately we have the stupidity of the agents of global jihad on our side in this repect. If they had any sense they would rely entirely on demographics and peaceful subversion of our institutions until it was too late. But they haven’t. Eager for martyrdom and paradise, they cannot stop themselves from showing their hand too early. Unfortunately there will be a price to pay. How many Charlie Hebdo type atrocities have our security services foiled in the last few months? How long before one or two or three get through? How many bodies will have to pile up on our streets before the long suffering majority say out loud “This can’t go on”?


2 thoughts on “Nice People

  1. DaveB

    I’d love to think you were right, but cast your mind back to the countryside alliance march in London. Middle class, middle aged, well behaved people beaten by the thugs of the metropolitan police.

  2. Baucent

    Nice idea, but those ordinary citizens of the NNTCPJLYAI would soon be branded the “Far Right NNTCPJLYAI” and “Thugs of the NN..etc” by the Guardian and Mirror. PERGIDA was a genuine broad based movement but the strategy has to be more than weekly marches. Political power is the only way to stop Islamization. Street protest must morph into political movements aiming for power. Only then will “Elites” have to take the concerns of many seriously.


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