Not anti-semitism but Jew hatred


Here is a curious article in the Daily Mail:

Jewish actress Maureen Lipman says she is thinking of leaving Britain because of the rise in anti-semitic attacks there.

Who or what could be behind these attacks? She does not tell us, or at least not in this newspaper account of a radio interview. She edges towards identifying a connecting factor mentioning Palestine, historic anti-semitism and flying planes into buildings but gets no closer.

Further down Steven Spielberg talks of ‘anti-Semites, radical extremists and religious fanatics’. Perhaps he means Buddhist fanatics. He then warns that ‘These people … want to all over again strip you of your past, of your story and of your identity’.

So who might these people be? The journalists finally give us a clue. It might be the British people in general or more specifically.…wait for it….UKIP supporters!

No, the dogs in the street know that these low-level attacks in Britain and across Europe, as well as the high-profile ones come from……..Muslims! There, that wasn’t so difficult was it?

Why should the Daily Mail so spectacularly miss the target? Is it simply ignorance? This is, after all, the newspaper which described a Koranic tirade on a recent IS beheading video as Biblical. Looking through the comments we see practically no mention of Muslims or Islam. Perhaps the Daily Mail readers are similarly ignorant. Or perhaps there is more to it. My own comment “Where is all this anti-semitism coming from, or would it be Islamophobic to ask?” never saw the light of day, perhaps along with many similar ones.

This rise in anti-semitism seems to have come as a shock to our leaders. Recently Theresa May the Home Secretary said “I never thought I would see the day when members of the Jewish community in the United Kingdom would say they were fearful of remaining here.”

In that case it is clear that Mrs May never thought at all about the likely result of allowing millions of people into Britain whose religion teaches hatred for Jews. Perhaps she does not even know that Jews are called the descendants of apes and pigs in the Koran, that a devout Muslim will refer 17 times a day in his prayers to Jews as “those who earned your wrath” or that a famous hadith, incorporated into Hamas’ charter, looks forward to the slaughter of the Jews by Muslims before the last day.

To go a step further, we notice that any public discussion of all this is phrased in terms of anti-semitism but, really, that’s an odd term isn’t it? Widely accepted as referring to Jews, that is not what the word says. Anti-semitism is a European word for European racial prejudice towards Jews. Do the Arabs of Gaza talk about dirty Semites? No, they talk about dirty Jews, not surprisingly since Arabs are also a Semitic people. What divides them is not race but religion.

To a European anti-semite a Jew will always be a Jew. The Nazis traced the lineage of practising Christians in search of Jewish forebears. If found, the descendants were classified as Jews. On the other hand if a Jew converted to Islam today there would be no problem, in fact they would probably be regarded as something of a trophy and evidence of Allah’s power and mercy etc.

The problem devout followers of Mohammed have with Jews goes back to their rejection of him and his plagiarised hodge podge of Jewish and Christian scriptures. Such an affront was unbearable to Mohammed then just as today the spectacular success of the “descendants of apes and pigs” compared with the wretched state of “the best of peoples” is unbearable to those who care about their prophet’s reputation. If Mohammed was right then the Jews must be despicable. If the Jews deserve their success then Mohammed, and therefore Allah, got it wrong and Islam’s hollowness is revealed for all to see.

That is why there is so much hatred among the ummah for Jews, and anti-semitism does not begin to describe it. Let’s skip the euphemism and start calling it by its right name, Islamically inspired “Jew hatred”.


2 thoughts on “Not anti-semitism but Jew hatred

  1. drjgelb

    Spot on! The degree of Jew Hatred inspired by Muhammad is truly shocking and close inspection of the Islamic timeline of violence against Jews appears to have very few gaps in its 1400 year length. Of note, the trend in this timeline is not for fewer violent incidents as we approach modern times but for more & more violence, with the 19th century a continuous period of massacres, pogroms and extrajudicial killings of Jews on a background of degrading anti-Jewish rules and regulations that placed Jews into the class of third rate citizens, lower than cattle. Accounts of terrific co-habitation of Muslims & Jews in Muslim majority nations, are propaganda and are manifestly false.

  2. Baucent

    The cowardice of the media and politicians who refuse to name the problem (muslims rather than neo nazis) will only embolden them. Tragically Europe may lose the one immigrant community that knows how to integrate and add value to society. With their gift for business,science and the arts….and trade them for a community that hates the West and refuses to integrate. There’s a lose/lose deal if I’m not mistaken.


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