The most effective antidote to wishful thinking about the Religion of Peace is to read the Koran. It can even work on Guardian readers, as shown by this excerpt from a comments section:

“…Then 9/11, and I joined the liberal chorus of “This has nothing to do with Islam! These terrorists are twisting the words of the quran, they are missinterpreting the sacred text! Islam is a religion of peace! Just look at the quran!”
Eventually, I did take the Quran down off my shelf. I was barely halfway through it before I had to admit to myself that I had been wrong, that this was probably the most vile book in existence, far worse than the bible, worse than Mein Kampf, worse, even, than the Daily Mail.
It is just so full of hatred, and egotistical supremacism. The secret is in the quran. I wish more liberal, moral relativists would actually pick it up and read it, I’m sure they’d suffer the same shock that I felt. This book is really, really fucking disgusting”.



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